Core Beliefs Of The Chronic Pain Expert in Edina

After seeing countless chronic pain sufferers in Edina and the Twin Cities area over the years, I have developed a few key beliefs that I passionately stand by when it comes to treating people with natural, safe solutions so that they can finally live pain-free life.


BELIEF #1 – Treat the body as a whole

If you have been to see a doctor for your chronic pain, then you have probably found that they focus any treatment they give you on the area that you tell them is hurting or the area that is showing symptoms.

While that may be good for the short-term, chances are that you’ve found they have done nothing for it in the long run.

This is how I have become the leading expert on chronic pain in the Edina area because I look at your whole body so that I can find the root cause of your pain.

By treating the root cause of your chronic pain, I am able to give you natural and long-lasting results for your chronic pain.


BELIEF #2 – 1-on-1 Quality time together

If you have been to a physical therapist in the past then you may have found that after you have been quickly looked over by the therapist, you are pushed onto an assistant or a clinic aid.

In my book, as the leading chronic pain expert in Edina, that just isn’t good enough.

This is why at minimum I spend an hour with every patient that comes through my doors, and often spend well over that hour, getting your history and checking over your whole body so I can find what is in and what is out of alignment, what’s tight, what’s weak and get a full picture of where your body is at.

By doing this I can tailor your treatment plan so that it is bespoke to your body and your chronic pain.


BELIEF #3- Natural Remedies

My third and final core belief, as the leading chronic pain expert in Edina, is that you do not need that bottle of pills, you don’t need pain-killing injections, and you most definitely don’t need surgery.

These options are normally pushed on patients by their doctors because they don’t have the time to look into the root cause of their chronic pain. But more often than not, those are not the right options for your chronic pain!

By looking at your whole body and finding the root cause of your chronic pain, I am able to provide far more gentle and safer treatment to cure you of your chronic pain.

Can You See How Different We Are To All The Things You Tried To Fix Your Chronic Pain In The Past?

And this is why when people visit my Edina clinic, they get results – even if they’ve spent years trying and failing with at-home stretches, countless doctors visits and scans, bottles of painkillers, and visits to chiropractors and massage therapists.

So why don’t you come to our clinic as part of a Free Discovery Visit.

This means you see how we treat, can meet the team, and get personalized advice and recommendations on the best treatment options that can deliver you the fast, long-term, and drug-free pain relief you’re desperately searching for.

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