Keith Sullivan is the leading chronic pain expert in Edina and is renowned for his track record at delivering fast, natural pain relief, and helping people like you get back to doing the things you love and living a pain-free life.

Keith’s expertise makes him the perfect physical therapist for you if you want to avoid pills, surgery, or injections to provide relief for your chronic pain.

Trusted by other therapists

Keith is the physical therapist’s therapist! With his expertise and knowledge when it comes to relieving chronic pain Keith is trusted not only by people like you but also by his professional peers.

Having taught a monthly study group for over 25 years, Keith has helped over 250 therapists and healthcare professionals understand chronic pain.

Author of numerous FREE reports

Keith has written several special reports packed with proven, natural pain relief strategies that can help you deal with your chronic pain.

All of the expert reports are designed for people who are desperate for answers, struggling to live the life they want, and worried about their pain getting worse and more frequent.

Renowned host of Workshops and events

Throughout his decades of being the #1 chronic pain expert in Edina, Keith has hosted several successful community events over the years!

Trusted referral partner of NAAS chiropractic

Due to his experience and knowledge, Keith is a trusted referral partner of NAAS Chiropractic, along with several other clinicians in the area such as Saunders Physical Therapy.

Get Instant Access To Chronic Pain Advice From Edina’s Leading Expert Keith Sullivan

To help you discover safe, proven and natural ways to overcome chronic pain and return to an active life filled with the things you love to do, you can download my free expert report – 7 Simple Ways To Stop Chronic, Daily, Annoying Knee Pain Without Injections, Painkillers, Or Having To Wear A Support.