Why Am I Still Suffering From Chronic Pain After Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Have you recently undergone shoulder replacement surgery hoping it would eliminate your chronic pain once and for all, but the pain hasn’t gone away?

I know how you feel, you thought you’d get rid of the problem but it keeps coming back.

You probably feel like you’ve been let down by your doctors and now there’s nothing that will help you relieve your chronic pain.

While shoulder replacement surgery should significantly reduce your pain level in this area, it doesn’t guarantee a quick fix and fast recovery.

There are, however, some things you can do to improve your condition and eventually end your chronic pain.

Read this blog to find out why you’re still in pain even after shoulder replacement surgery and what you can do to stop this.

Chronic Pain After Shoulder Replacement Surgery

You’ve suffered for so long that you decided to end this agonizing pain by getting shoulder replacement surgery, but the pain did not go away and now you feel hopeless.

I appreciate how frustrated you might feel, and you probably think you will have to live like this forever.

Luckily, there are things you can do to stop chronic pain after shoulder replacement and get back to your active life.

First, you should understand why you’re still in pain and then treat it accordingly.

Shoulder Replacement Recovery

Shoulder replacement surgery is a complex operation and you are meant to experience pain during your recovery.

If you had your shoulder replaced recently, then the chances are you still haven’t recovered fully from this procedure, and that’s why you’re experiencing pain.

It can take a long time to fully recover from such a major medical procedure, so you shouldn’t expect that getting shoulder replacement surgery will immediately bring you pain relief.

During your recovery, you need to avoid doing certain things and if you do them, then that’s probably why you are in so much pain afterwards.

You’re not supposed to lift heavy objects and move your shoulder too much, just let it heal and rest in an arm sling for the first few days.

Apart from that, surgery comes with risks, and it is possible that due to surgery you’ve injured your rotator cuff, although it’s a rare situation.

So having shoulder replacement surgery doesn’t guarantee immediate pain relief, and you need to have patience and do everything recommended after such surgery for quick recovery.

Shoulder Replacement Rehabilitation 

Another important part of having shoulder replacement surgery is going through the rehabilitation process after the surgery.

It’s very important to get your shoulder back to usual movements, but if you get the wrong physical therapy exercises, you may end up having more and more pain or not being able to move freely with your new shoulder.

If you’ve suffered from chronic pain before the surgery, then it’s even more important to get the specialist to provide you with a personalized treatment plan that will teach you how to move your shoulder and arm after the shoulder replacement surgery.

Your rehabilitation is the key to successfully healing from chronic pain after shoulder replacement, so you should focus on that.

The Best Treatment For Chronic Pain After Shoulder Replacement

To make sure that your recovery goes well, you should get expert help and a personalized treatment plan.

As the leading chronic pain expert, I’ve worked with thousands of patients treating various types of chronic pain, including the pain after shoulder replacement surgery.

My approach is like no other as I provide you with a holistic approach and a treatment plan that focuses on the root cause of your pain and treats the pain according to you and your specific needs.

If you want to find out more about working with me, you can start with several free resources.

For more information on chronic pain, its symptoms, causes, and treatments, you can download our free advice report where I’ve put together all the information you need.

Free Chronic Pain Report

If you are hesitant and not sure how I can help you recover from your chronic pain, you can schedule a free telephone consultation where we can clarify all your concerns and start a conversation about possible treatments.

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Another option is to come and see us at the clinic for a free discovery visit where you can come and see us in person, see the facilities, and talk to us about your situation and we can take it from there.

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The most important thing is to choose one option now before your chronic pain stops you from doing all the things that you love.

The pain should not control your life, and we’re here to help you get back in charge of your health.

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